MBC - The Sheepfold Music Files
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MBC - The Sheepfold Music Files

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Featuring 19 songs to enhance lessons of The Sheepfold Curriculum

  • Everything Everywhere - Kids Corps
  • Found - Kids Corps
  • Good Good Father - Zealand/Phil Joel
  • Good Morning - Phil Joel
  • I Will Change Your Name - Various Artists
  • Jesus I Will - Various Artists
  • Jesus Loves Me - Various Artists
  • Jump - Go Fish
  • Just Dance - Diego Fuller
  • Movin' to the Beat - Go Fish
  • My God - Go Fish
  • O My Shepherd - Jana Alayra
  • RFKC Theme Song - Various Artists
  • Royal Champion - Diego Fuller
  • Royal Kid - Diego Fuller
  • This Little Light - Steve Fee
  • To the Top - Diego Fuller
  • We are Royals - Northpoint Inside Out
  • Who You Say I Am - Worship Together Kids

    Download the music files to your computer.  You may upload them to as many other devices as you paid for with this purchase.

    ALL MUSIC USED BY PERMISSION  You are expected to follow copyright law in the use of this music.  To be used only in conjunction with Royal Family KIDS Camps or Mentoring Clubs.  

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